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Tanya for Geula

During these days when light prevails over darkness, it is remarkable to see how Am Yisroel joins together to illuminate the world with the light of the Geulah through the words of Tanya, about which it is said, "Through the Tanya Kadisha', we will exit the Golus with mercy".

By participating in Beis Chana's annual Chinese auction, you will merit being a partner in our students' Tanya studied by heart, and you may also win a valuable prize.

Hurry! The drawing is on 24 Tevet!

Give Today and Get Chances to Win Prizes

When you donate to support the students and their efforts, you are already a winner in bringing light to the world. You also get to choose entries in a variety of Chinese auctions for valuable and enjoyable prizes.

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Bringing the Geula

Students give of their free time to study extra materials and bring more light to dispel the darkenss of galus. You can be their partner.